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5.2 Saving/Loading your configuration settings


In nxqddb, you have three options to save your configuration settings to your hard disk:

configuration stores all the nxqddb settings in your user id's .nxqddb_conf directory using the file name convention
The settings stored in your ``Personal'' configuration override global and default settings.
configuration stores all the nxqddb settings in the relation's directory. So, if you have a database in /u/yourhome/YourDatabase, the global configuration settings will be stored in /u/yourhome/YourDatabase/.nxqddb_conf These global settings override global settings but do not override the personal configuration settings.
configuration stores only the common settings(e.g. fonts, colors) that can be shared across all qddb databases. The default configuration settings are stored using the file name convention
where the tilda represents your home directory.

You must choose the Save menubutton from one of the above options in order for nxqddb to write your current session's configuration settings to the hard disk. Or, optionally you can turn on the ``Auto-save'' feature so that when you exit your session nxqddb will automatically store your session's configuration settings. Once you have saved your settings, the next time you start nxqddb, you can load the previously stored settings. To save/load your settings, choose one of the options beneath the ``Configure'' menubutton shown in figure 5.4.

Figure 5.4: Saving/Loading Configuration Settings

At startup, nxqddb loads the configurations in the following order:

  1. Default configuration settings
  2. Global configuration settings
  3. Personal configuration settings

Hence, settings from the Global configuration(if present) override any Default settings. And, the Personal configuration settings (if present) override both global and default settings.

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