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3.4 Deleting an entry

 To delete a record from your Qddb database, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Search Mode and enter the search criteria to find the record. Once the record is found, you should be in ``Change mode'' with the information displayed in the nxqddb window.


  2. Click the ``Edit/Delete'' menubutton. At this point, nxqddb will display   

    Figure 3.6: Dialog box to receive confirmation before deleting a record

    a confirmation dialog box(see figure 3.6) to get confirmation that you really do want to delete the record. Click ``Cancel'' if you do not want to delete the record; click ``Ok'' to go ahead and delete the record permanently from the Qddb database.

  3. After you delete the record, nxqddb will return back to ``Search mode''.

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