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3.2 Searching for an entry

 In nxqddb, searching for information is fast and easy. Here are the steps to searching:

  1. Go to Search Mode by clicking the ``Modes/Search Mode'' menubutton.
  2. Tab to the field(s) that you want to search on and type in the search value(s).
  3. Press the Enter key or click the ``Edit/Search'' menubutton.

3.2.1 Types of search results

  There are three basic results of a search; these results are described below:

  1. If there are no matches found, nxqddb will display ``Mo matches found'' in the status bar. You can then refine your search criteria and try again.
  2. If there is exactly one match found, the matching   record's information will be displayed in the nxqddb window and the mode will switch to ``Change Mode'' -- you will then be able to view, modify or delete the found record.


  3. If there are two or more matches found, nxqddb will display a listbox containing all the matches found from your search. You can choose a record to view from the results listbox window by clicking on the desired record and then clicking the ``Ok'' button to dismiss the results listbox window.

Please reference chapter 4 for a complete discussion of searching.

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