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qs - Interactively search a qddb Database for entries that contain all keys given on each line of input and print them to stdout.


qs RelationDirectory [-p|-n]


qs(1) searches for entries containing all keys given on a line of input. The -p option prints all tuples with matching keys to stdout. The -n option suppresses printing but instead prints the time required to perform the query in microseconds. The -n option is only supported on the Sequent Symmetry. The default is -p when neither option is specified. When finished, the user types control-D to exit the program. This program is roughly equivalent to the hunt(1) program in the Refer database suite.




qs exits with a 0 status on success, 1 otherwise.


Tuples are listed in raw internal qddb format. For most purposes, people should use qedit(1) l instead, because it provides the data in readable qddb format.


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