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qddbscript - Generate and compile QddbScript files


qddbscript autogen <relation_dir> ?output_file? qddbscript compile ?-compat? <relation_dir> ?output_file? qddbscript compile ?-compat? ?<script_file>? ?<output_file>?


qddbscript can automatically generate QddbScript (autogen option) and compile existing QddbScript files into a selfcontained Fx-based application (qddbscript compile).

By default, qddbscript manipulates a file located in the relation directory called QddbScript. If this file exists, nxqddb(1) will notice it and display the screen based on it's contents. You can optionally specify a full path to a script, however, certain options require knowledge of the relation's Schema (in particular, autoalign).

If you do not specify an output file, qddbscript compile will create a file called QddbScript.tcl in the relation directory. qddbscript autogen creates a file called Qddb_Script in the relation directory.

See qddb_script(n) for QddbScript syntax.


qddb_instance(n), qddb_keylist(n), qddb_rows(n), qddb_schema(n), qddb_script(n), qddb_search(n), qddb_tuple(n), qddb_view(n), tclsh(1), wish(1)


Exits with 0 status on success, 1 otherwise.


QddbScript in a NutShell

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