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qddb_wish - TCL/TK wish with Qddb extensions.


qddb_wish [file.tcl]


qddb_wish is a TCL/TK interpreter (using John Ousterhout's TCL 7.6 and TK 4.2 libraries) that provides a general command interface to Qddb. Although most of the utilities provide enough to interface with TCL/TK without a special interpreter, qddb_wish does a better job and is much faster. qddb_wish supports many other extensions, such as XPM (TkPixmap) and BLT.


qddb_instance(n), qddb_keylist(n), qddb_rows(n), qddb_schema(n), qddb_search(n), qddb_tuple(n), qddb_view(n), tclsh(1), wish(1)


Errors are returned in the standard TCL way.


qddb_wish will exit instead of reporting the error under certain conditions (such as running out of memory). These problems will be fixed in a later release.


A Guide to QDDB
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Qddb User's Guide

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