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Fx:Print - Routines for basic ASCII printing support.


Fx:Print <list of lines>
Fx:PrintFile <file name>
Fx_PrintDialog <instance name> ?-toplevel <toplevel>? ?-title <title>?


Fx:Print accepts a Tcl list of lines to be printed, prompts the user for the name of the printer (or file), then outputs each element of the list with an appended newline. Fx:PrintFile accepts a file name and prints the file.

Fx_PrintDialog displays a dialog for the user to select the method of printing. The typical command sequence for using Fx_PrintDialog with Fx:Print or Fx:PrintFile is:

global fx_config

Fx_PrintDialog dialog -toplevel "" -title "Neat printing" # Fx_PrintDialog doesn't return until user is finished if {$fx_config(cancel_print) == 0} { catch "Fx:PrintFile $fn"


You must specify a list of formatted lines that are ready to output. Fx:Print does not try to determine whether lines are too wide.


Fx_Frame(n), Fx_Menubar(n), Fx_Entry(n), Fx_QddbSearchParser(n), Fx(n)


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None known.

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