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Manually adding/modifying time splits

To manually add a new time split, follow these steps:

  1. From change mode, click the Intervals notebook tab to display your project's time splits. Note, you must be in change mode before you can add or modify time splits.
  2. Populate the (1) start date, (2) start time, (3) end date, and (4) end time fields. Note, the duration field is read-only and gets populated when you click the Recompute button.
  3. Click the Recompute button after you've entered the above fields. Clicking this recompute button automatically figures the duration by subtracting the ``start date and time'' from the ``end date and time''. All other appropriate amounts are updated to reflect your new time split, including: total time charged, amount due, and discount amount(if you populated the discount percent field).

Modifying existing time splits works just like adding new time splits. First, you find your project and while in change mode, modify one of the date/time fields. Clicking the ``Recompute'' button automatically updates the appropriate fields.

Note, you must choose the ``File/Save'' to record your changes permanently in the Qtime database.

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