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To launch a timer for a particular project, follow these steps:

  1. Go to search mode. Key in the search information to find your project. Remember, within any Qddb application, you can search on any field.
  2. Once you've found the desired project, the Timer/Launch menu option will become enabled. Click this menubutton to launch the window shown in figure 3.12.

    Figure 3.12: Timer window in Stop mode

  3. From the timer window, click the Start button.
Alternatively, if you recently used a timer for a project and have saved either your personal or global settings, xqtime will include the project in the History pulldown menu. Clicking this selection in the History menu will automatically launch the timer from any mode.

Once a timer is launched for a job, the Timer menu is updated by appending the job number and name. Thus, you can just look at the Timer pulldown menu to see the timers that you have running. Clicking on one of the timers from the Timer menu will deiconify a timer and bring the timer to the front of your display.

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