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Fields on the xqtime window

The xqtime window is divided into two major screen panels (see figure 3.5).

Figure 3.5: Qtime window

The topmost panel contains notebook panels that contain information pertaining to the client being charged for the project:

panel is the default panel and contains the client's name, client id, company, tax exempt number, social security number (SSN), customer type, customer class and referred by. The client id field is a mandatory field field as distinguished graphically by the darker shaded entry. This client id field is a read-only field that is automatically populated by xqtime. xqtime does this to ensure that all client ids remain unique and to ease data entry for the xqtime user.
panel contains the client's address information(see figure 3.6).

Figure 3.6: Addresses panel

panel contains the client's phone numbers(see figure 3.7).

Figure 3.7: Phones panel

panel allows you to record notes pertaining to a particular client(see figure 3.8)

Figure 3.8: Comments panel

The lower portion of the xqtime window contains the individual jobs (or projects) being worked for the client noted in the upper portion of the xqtime window. The first header, ``Job'', denotes the job information and contains four buttons that allow the user to perform specific actions. Namely, the user can (1) add new jobs, (2) view existing jobs, (3) delete existing jobs, and (4) recompute the totals by retabulating each individual time split and figuring the hourly rate and discount percent to arrive at a total amount due value.

The ``Job'' panel contains the following three notebook panels:

panel is the default panel and contains the primary job information(see figure 3.9).

Figure 3.9: Job summary panel

panel records each time split(see figure 3.10). These fields can be populated through the use of a timer or can be populated manually while in Change Mode.

Figure 3.10: Intervals panel

panel records remarks particular to a specific job(see figure 3.11).

Figure 3.11: Job comments panel

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