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Setup window

The first step to running Qba is to launch the ``Setup'' window. If you did not setup the button bar as discussed in chapter 2, you must type ./launch setup from the Qba bin directory. From here on, we'll assume that you are using the button bar and we'll launch the Qba windows from the button bar.

To launch the setup window, click the setup icon(see figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1: Click this icon to launch the setup window

The Setup window as shown in figure 3.2 will be displayed.

Figure 3.2: Setup window

The Setup window, like all the Qba windows, is based on the Qddb Fx toolkit. Meaning, the look and behavior of each window is the same. Hence, once you learn one window, you essentially know how to operate all the windows. For details on how to operate an Fx-based window, please reference the ``Qddb User's Guide''. To view or download the ``Qddb User's Guide'', visit

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