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Setting up Qba's button bar

Qba comes with a sample .fvwm2rc startup file. This sample configuration file sets up a nifty button bar to make launching the applications easier than typing say ``launch xxx'' where xxx represents the various windows including Clients, Inventory, Invoices, etc. Figure 2.2 illustrates the button bar defined in the sample .fvwm2rc file.

Figure 2.2: Qba Button Bar

You will need fvwm 2.0.43 or later, plus all the pixmaps from the 3d pixmap collection from:

We install these in /usr/X11/include/X11/3dpixmaps; if you use another location, you should change the .fvwm2rc file appropriately.

To create the .fvwm2rc file, just type make fvwm2rc at your command prompt. A file named fvwm2rc will be created. You should then replace your current .fvwm2rc file with the new .fvwm2rc just created to setup the Qba desktop look and feel.

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