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Installing Qba

To install Qba, perform these steps:

Figure 2.1: Steps to installing Qba

Line 1 unpacks the Qba tarball. A directory named Qba-1.1b1 is created beneath the current directory containing the Qba distribution. Line 2 instructs you to change to the Qba-1.1b1 directory. Line 3 instructs you to edit the Makefile. There are instructions in the Makefile to tell you how to prepare for installation. You must be sure to set the appropriate environment variables to tell the ``make'' process where your qwish executable is located. Also, be sure to modify the QBA_ROOT_DIR variable to tell the ``make'' where to put the Qba executables and databases. After you've saved your changes to ``Makefile'', Line 4 starts the ``make install'' process. After this step, you've completed your installation and are ready to run the Qba program.

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