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To print monthly statements, follow these steps:

  1. Click the statements icon (see figure 3.22) to display the window shown in figure 3.23.

    Figure 3.22: Click the statements icon to print statements

    Figure 3.23: Window to print monthly statements

  2. On the ``Print Monthly Aged Statements'' window, fill out the appropriate information.
  3. Enter the statement date. Note, this date must be the date that you ran the aging process.
  4. Enter a minimum statement balance. A value of zero (0) will process statements for all customers that have a balance.
  5. Choose between a ``Detailed'' invoice statement or a ``Condensed'' statement.
  6. You may choose to exclude clients with a credit hold.
  7. If you want a particular message to appear at the bottom of the statement printout, enter the message text in the text entry. Choose the justification of the message, one of: Left, Center, Right, or none.
  8. Click the ``Ok'' button to start the printing process. Note, the standard Print dialog box will be displayed to allow you to direct your statement printouts.

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