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Daily summary

Qba provides a window to track daily summaries. Clicking the Summary icon(see figure 3.19) displays the window shown in figure 3.20.

Figure 3.19: Click this Summary icon to perform daily summaries

Figure 3.20: Daily Summaries window

At the end of each day, you should close out the summary window by performing these steps:

  1. Go to search mode and enter the current date. Once you find the current date, be sure you are in ``Change Mode''.
  2. Enter the amount of money that you can deposit into the ``Deposit'' field. When you hit enter, the ``Over/Short'' field is automatically calculated and the cursor is placed in the ``Reason for Over/Short'' text entry for you to enter comments.
  3. Click the Day closed ``Y''es radiobutton to mark that you have closed out the day.
  4. Click ``File/Save'' menubutton to record your entry.

The Summary database is very useful for reviewing daily business as well as for generating powerful business reports using the Qddb report generator.

You should only close-out a day when you're sure there will be no more invoices processed on that day. Any late invoices after close-out will be recorded on the next day's summary.

For performance reasons, you should stabilize your Qba databases nightly when noone is on your system. Before doing the qstall, be sure that all Qba windows have been exited and that noone will be accessing the databases.

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