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Searching, viewing, and reporting invoices

Clicking the Invoices icon(see figure 3.15) will display the ``Invoice'' window shown in figure 3.16.

Figure 3.15: Click this icon to display the invoice search window

Figure 3.16: Search or report on existing invoices

From this window, you can search for existing invoices or create reports using Qddb's powerful report generator. This window is used solely for searching. You can not update existing invoices -- it wouldn't make too much sense to do so anyway.

Qba only allows you to tab to fields that would make a sensible search. For example, Qba skips over the tax field while in search mode, since it wouldn't make sense to search on the tax field.

If you want to search on, say an invoice part number, you can use the Qddb expert search or report generator capabilities.

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