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To launch the inventory window shown in figure 3.7, click the inventory icon(figure 3.6).

Figure 3.6: Click this icon to launch the inventory window

Figure 3.7: Inventory window

The fields on the inventory window are self-explanatory. However, here are some notes on the fields that may be of interest:

This value is prepended to the Description to populate the ``description'' field in the invoice window. For example, suppose you have a hammer manufactured by ``Stanley''. The description populated on the invoice screen will be populated with ``Stanley hammer'' whenever you enter in the part number for this item.
This value is the code that you enter on the invoice screen to enter invoice items. The Part# should be unique, even across manufacturers. To clarify, you must specify a unique part number for every piece of inventory, regardless of the manufacturer.
This text is populated on the invoices and statements.
Qty on Hand
This value is decremented each time an invoice item is processed. Thus, inventory is automatically kept up-to-date.
Qty on Backorder
This value is incremented each time an item is processed and the current value of ``Qty on Hand'' is zero. Meaning, you've sold an item that you didn't have so we track this by incrementing the backorder count.
Qty on Order
This value is not used by Qba. This field is provided for you to manually update whenever you have ordered items. This field helps communicate to your sales staff whether or not items are ``On Order''.
Reorder Qty
Similarly to the ``Qty on Order'' field, this value is not used by Qba.
The only price field used by Qba is the ``Retail'' price field. Qba uses this ``Retail'' price field as the price of an item added to an invoice.
Qba does not use the costs fields. However, you could generate inventory reports that read these values.

At any time, you can adjust an inventory item. Note, if you have an inventory item in ``Change Mode'', users will not be able to process an invoice. The invoice window will display a dialog box to prompt you to exit the inventory window before continuing.

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