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Starting numbers

Clicking the ``Starting numbers'' notebook tab displays the panel shown in figure 3.3.

Figure 3.3: Starting numbers panel

Qba allows you to define what numbers the program should start with when it identifies clients, invoices, and estimates. For example, suppose your business already uses identification numbers for clients and invoices. To ensure that Qba keeps numbering your clients and invoices sequentially (without a break), just add one (1) to your most recent client number and invoice number and then place these numbers appropriately on the Starting numbers panel.

Each time Qba processes a client, invoice, or estimate, these values get incremented by one. So, let's say that you started out with a client id equal to zero. After saving your first client record, you can return back to the Setup window and see that Qba has incremented the ``Next client id'' by one to be equal to one (1).

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